rx-3n1 coolant service machine

Iconic Design. Rockstar Performance.


From parts to paint, we use aerospace grade materials that are built to last.

pumps that last

Our industry-leading pumps are at the heart of our machine and keep going when our competitors stop.

shop-air powered

No finicky battery leads to mess with, just hook up your air line and go

3 tubes in 1

1 tube does the job of 3: Fluid removal, flush, and fill. Less parts, less weight.

fast. really fast.

100% of coolant exchanged in just 7 minutes. 85% exchanged for a 5-minute flush-n-fill.


25% less weight than our leading competitor, the RX-3N1 won’t get in your way.

Product description

Acting as the vending machines to sell our [chemical] product, we must use a company that stands behind their machines and the quality needed to perform every day, all day long. [Engine Clean’s] customer service is second to none and ease of use requires minimal training for the user.

Travis – Justice Brothers distributor



How it works (English)

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